breakout diamond melee

Breakout Diamond Melee

We buy mixed breakout melee lots of all sizes from 10 to 1000 carats plus. We will almost always evaluate your lot the same day it's received. Once we agree on the price of your melee you need to fax or email us a bill of sale, and we'll either send you a bank wire or overnight a check to you for the full amount that same day.

diamonds large and small

Diamonds, Large and Small

We buy diamonds of all shapes, colors and sizes including large diamonds and natural fancy color diamonds. We are happy to buy them with or without a certificate. We can also help guide you when you're presented with a diamond to buy, just call us and we will be happy to help you evaluate the diamond over the phone and determine what to offer.

precious gems

Precious Gems

We buy natural Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds, in particular 5.00 carats and up and preferably certified by an accredited laboratory such as G.I.A or the Gubelin Gem Lab. We are happy to buy them loose or in fine jewelry.

Fine Jewelry, Signed Jewerly, And Fine Watches

We buy all fine jewelry including both signed and unsigned pieces, antique or contemporary styles including engagement rings, tennis bracelets, diamond necklaces, broaches etc. Here are some of the names we look for in signed pieces and fine watches …